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Clumsy Daisies – Illustrating for a luxurious, nostalgic, soulful brand

A steaming pot of soup. Laughter. Clinking glasses.
The table is beautifully set.
Clumsy Daisies sprung into existence to encapsulate and teleport us back to this moment.
They produce premium table-dressing that evokes authenticity, and coziness and has a quirky edge.

Marlo approached me to create a series of tablecloths – and fitting napkins that feel like home.
We had a couple of themes – depending on the atmosphere we wanted to create.

‘What do you think of an Italian getaway?’
She asked, and I started to sketch away a number of Italian memorabilia. Gelato, a slice of pizza, herbs, a wonderful wine… Scattered through the tablecloth, forming a unique pattern. The colors were carefully curated to match the theme – and look delicious on the embroidered end-product.

In another example, I recorded my impressions of Greece – where I was living at that point. Beautiful marble sculptures, olives, wine, and grace became a part of the linen tablecloth and napkins.

We created a couple of exemplary atmospheres – all with a fitting complete setting.
Marlo’s job was to dream and give feedback. She also had a clear aesthetic vision for her table linens, and provided a detailed brief full of visual references and ideas. 
Mine to sketch, draw, iterate, arrange a composition, select colors, test, and deliver an end result that both looks curated, beautiful, and hand-made.
How did we do that? For example, the lines are far from geometrically perfect.

Because, let’s be real, your grandmother wouldn’t embroider a perfect circle either 😉

Have a look at their wonderful tableware here:

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