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Do you actually need a rebrand?

You are unhappy with your brand. 

It doesn’t reach the right people. It doesn’t feel right. 

What your company is, and how it looks like seem to be two different things. 

Your brand fails to communicate its values and unique traits. 

You have recruiting issues, as it’s not clear for your future employees what exactly they are signing up for. 

You worry that you don’t look professional enough in a front of investors. 

You think that it’s time for a rebrand. That getting a new logo and some fresh colors would give you the necessary boost to grow. Or perhaps revisiting your strategy would help you pivot your communication in the right direction. 

You might be right. 

As a brand designer, I´d love to promise you that a rebrand would solve all your problems.
Often small, powerful interventions are enough to move you forward.
4 things you can do NOW before investing in a rebrand: 

  • Take a moment to write down what your company does, what are it’s values and who are your customers. Now step back and see if it matches what is actually out there. Take for example the front page of your website as an example of communication.
  • Do you find yourself often having to explain your proposal to your prospects? You might need to clarify you message. This can be done by hiring a copywriter and adding a clearer about page to your website. 
  • Remove everything that doesn’t add value. 

Is your tagline outdated, but you don’t have a new, fitting one yet? Consider using your logo without. 

  • Is your website ‘not looking great’ – Have a look at your brand book – are the rules in there consistently applied, or did it get watered down throughout time? 

Here are some topics you might need more fundamental help with: 

  • Your branding is obviously outdated.
  • Your company evolved into something else than it was before.  
  • You don’t have a strategy worked out. 
  • You want to change your company name. 

In every case, going through a branding process is beneficial. Chances are that you get the much-needed clarity about your business. You get to define your audience better and set your focus on them with your offer, tone of voice, and product. 

And yes, you get to update to a shiny, new identity that makes you stand out from your competition. 

Branding is transformational from the inside out. However, as with all transitions, it can be challenging. 

Not sure what is ‘off’ with your brand? Book a consultation call with me – where we can pinpoint issues and set up an action plan for you. 

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